Hello and welcome at my website.

My name is Ewald Bos and i,m 51 years old.

This website is about my life, and about my work and my hobby,s that i have.

I,m working in my free time as Content Creator /camera man of my own Youtube channel

called: Ewald Bos Media

Since 2017 i started this, after a period of problems and stress in my life

My girlfriend Els, have giving me loads of power to start this, and since 2020 i have also this website.

She is my motivator and because of that, i,m making better video,s and she gave me the room, where i'm making the video,s and it,s also my mancave and studio

The material i use:

Canon 2000D

DJI pocket 2 ext. version

Manfrotto extender stick

2 personal computers

(1 main pc for video and Photo editing/and live streaming and 2nd for musicmixing)

3 videoscreens

vony pro mixer 3 lines 1 master

Studio lightning

Jamo monitor speakers